Positivity and no nitpicking fosters happier marriages

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Leaving the toilet seat up, squeezing the toothpaste tube from the middle, and leaving the cabinet doors open are small, oftentimes harmless habits that can bother spouses about each other. Although couples may logically respond by resolving these little differences together, some research suggests you should handle it in a surprising manner.

One social psychologist said one of the secrets to a happy marriage is to quit nitpicking over each other’s small, irreconcilable differences, and to learn how to deal with them. Because both spouses came from two different backgrounds, no couple is truly a perfect match, and irreconcilable differences will always exist. However, happy couples tend to come to terms with little, unsolvable issues, and choose to focus on their partner’s positive side instead. Positive reactions need to outweigh the negative in a happy marriage. Be selective when choosing which issues should be talked about and resolved in a fruitful discussion; many things just aren’t worth arguing about.

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