Relationship problems that may arise after a death

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Losing a loved one, whether family member or friend, is extremely difficult and can affect a person in several ways. From affecting their professional life to their relationships with other people in their life, death affects everyone differently and in different aspects of their life. While there is no one right answer for handling a death and how it affects your relationship with your partner, there are some things that people in relationships might want to keep in mind.

  • Try to understand that everyone grieves in their own way
  • Try to communicate with the other person, expressing emotions and leaning on each other for support
  • Give space to the other person when they need it
  • Try to understand that your partner may experience seemingly inappropriate reactions to the death and work through this as a couple

Going through couples counseling after losing a family member of loved one can be especially helpful. Counselor Kathleen Snyder MFT has experience helping Austin couples deal with issues such as death and can help you and your partner work through the difficulties you are facing. Call 512-659-8600 to set up an appointment with her today.