Three communication tips that could make you a better partner

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Cornell professor Karl Pillemer recently released a book entitled “30 Lessons for Loving: Advice from the Wisest Americans on Love, Relationships, and Marriage.” The book serves as a compilation of interviews from more than 700 Americans with different backgrounds, and whose marriages survived for an average of 43 years. The interviews extracted relationship lessons on different key issues, including on how to nurture good communication.

Good communication between spouses could be fostered through these three steps:

  1. Speak out. Expressing your thoughts about something that is bothering you is important.
  2. Learn proper timing. Introducing an arguable topic at a wrong time (while hungry or stressed) could lead to further arguments.
  3. If you feel that a conversation is not going anywhere, learn how to take a break from it. You can always go back to it when both of you are in the right mood and mindset for a discussion.

Communication problems between couples could compromise a relationship. Kathleen Snyder helps Austin couples renew their love for each other by helping them learn the art of good communication. Call her office at 512-659-8600 to schedule an appointment with her.