Want a healthier marriage? Bond with your in-laws

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Being happily married does not only involve loving your partner and your kids. You may have to learn how to get along with the family of the person you married. Being a part of that new family may not always be an easy task. But remember, your in-laws are often times an important part of your partner’s life, and learning to deal with them could mean a lot for your relationship.

One tip when trying to forge a pleasant relationship with the in-laws is to ask your spouse about his/her family. Be aware of the culture and traditions that are most important to them. Being informed about what they value might give you some important insight about what to expect from them, what they expect from you, and where they’re coming from.

This may also be a good way to find common ground. If you both cook, talking shop might allow you to dodge any awkwardness or tension surrounding more contentious topics. You might also try asking them for a new recipe. Deferring to their knowledge and experience might be a simple way to let your in-laws know you respect them.

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