Working on relationship longevity with effective communication

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Many studies and articles published have told people what many of us already know – communication in relationships is hard. It’s something that every couple must work at, some more than others, and something that varies throughout the length of a relationship. While your communication style will likely evolve the longer you are with your partner and various issues may arise, some of the following tips may help you continue to improve your communication and relationship:

  • Make sure to pay attention to what your partner is saying by listening attentively
  • Try to get them to elaborate on their points by asking if there is more they would like to add
  • When a partner is expressing thoughts or issues, do not jump to a conclusion that it is all about you
  • Learn to respect your partner’s point of view
  • When you tackle issues with your partner, make it a point to speak in a calm manner as much as possible
  • Try to end arguments or heated discussions by reaffirming your feelings for your partner

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