Age gap in marriage can be beneficial too

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There are several studies indicating that couples of the same or almost the same age are more likely to stay together due to shared personal experiences and common cultural references. But this does not mean that marrying someone slightly older than you is a sure recipe for separation or divorce. In fact, there are many couples who enjoy happy, healthy marriages despite age differences. Marrying someone slightly older than you may bring about certain benefits. For instance, having an older partner can provide you guidance through his or her experience. Your partner’s maturity can contribute insight to critical decisions and life experiences. Additionally, experienced individuals who happen to be further up the career ladder may be more likely to bring financial stability and security to a relationship or family. Love knows no barrier, even age. At Marriage Like New, Kathleen Snyder can help you and your partner keep alive the love and affection you have shared. Call her Austin office 512-659-8600 to discuss your needs and schedule an...

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Happy couples idealize their partners

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A psychologist at the University of Westminster, London, stated that the key to a happy, long-lasting marriage is to believe that your partner is more attractive than they really are, the Daily Mail revealed on June 5. Dr. Viren Swami said individuals who idealize their partners as more appealing than they actually are tend to feel more assured and happy with the relationship as compared to those who don’t do this. Dr. Swami’s hypothesis reflects the results of a 2011 study published in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, which concluded that creating an ideal illusion of one’s spouse amplifies positive characteristics and diminishes flaws. Dr. Swami also said that believing your spouse is more attractive than you are helps build a lasting and satisfying union. Uncovering the secrets to a happy, healthy, and satisfying marriage is indeed a rewarding adventure for both partners. Marriage counselor Kathleen Snyder of Marriage Like New is willing to help. Call us at 512-659-8600 to schedule a consultation with...

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Study: Post-coital cuddling improves relationship satisfaction

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Research funded by the federal government of Canada revealed that cuddling after sex improves relationships, The National Post reported on May 28. The first part of the study, which involved a survey of 355 Americans whose relationship length ranged from 4 months to 30 years, analyzed how post-sex affectionate behaviors affected the couples’ relationship satisfaction. The result of the survey revealed people who engage in post-coital cuddling for a longer period of time reported higher rates of relationship and sexual satisfaction. The second part of the study, which involved a three-week survey of 101 couples, confirmed that the longer couples spent time on post sex affectionate acts such as exchanging cuddles and kisses, or engaging in pillow talk, the more satisfying their sex lives were reported. The study was entitled “Post Sex Affectionate Exchanges Promote Sexual and Relationship Satisfaction,” and was published in the journal, Archives of Sexual Behavior. Working together to develop a satisfying sexual relationship is part of working together to live a happy and meaningful marriage. At Marriage Like New, marriage counselor Kathleen Snyder helps Austin couples explore matters affecting sexual intimacy. Call us at 512-659-8600 today to schedule an...

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