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Couple Therapy

I love working with couples and have put most of my energy over the years into perfecting my skills in that area. Although the training for my profession and licensure includes marriage and family, I have chosen from the beginning to specialize in the relationship between adult partners that is the core and origin of the family.


Problems We Can Solve:

  • Lack of Communication
  • Conflict and Resentment
  • Drifting Apart
  • Affair Recovery
  • Differences in Parenting Style
  • Obstacles to Sexual Intimacy
  • Balancing Work and Family.
For more information about the problems I can help you with, click on Common Therapy Topics.


Getting Started

The initial session with couples takes 90 minutes, and subsequent sessions are usually scheduled for an hour. Occasionally, partners/spouses wish to come separately at first, and that is also an option. In that case, the initial session with each individual partner is usually for one hour.


Once couples get some momentum towards their goals, we often schedule sessions for every other week. This allows for more time between sessions to practice the skills you have learned.


The Big Picture

All couples have two kinds of relationship maintenance to do: there are differences to work out and there are processes of communication for doing so. If the communication isn’t working, it’s impossible to work out the differences. Usually communication doesn’t work when stress responses (fight or flight) interfere. I help couples manage their stress responses and learn new ways to communicate. Then I coach them as they use their new communication skills to understand and work out their differences, until they are able to do so on their own. With this as a foundation, friendship and intimacy can grow and thrive.


The first phase of therapy is usually devoted to conflict resolution and the second phase to rebuilding friendship and intimacy. This is especially the case if the conflict has been seriously undermining the couple’s interest in fostering their closeness. Sometimes, however, we work on these two aspects simultaneously. We will choose a sequence that is best for you and your situation.


Who I See

I see couples of all ages (over 18), all ethnicities, all sexual orientations, and all cultures. The most important factor in the success of therapy, beyond the skill and training of the therapist, is your desire to do the work it will take to stay together and to thrive. Chances are very good for the success of your efforts if you both want to improve your relationship.


Who I Don’t See

If one of you is extremely ambivalent about or just “done with” the relationship, you are probably not good candidates for marital therapy. Instead, it would be better to get individual counseling first to sort out your feelings of ambivalence or aversion. Then pursue couple therapy if you find that you really do want to rebuild the relationship.


Neither is marital therapy the first step in healing relationships involving violence on the part of one or both partners. If common relationship problems ignite swiftly and explosively, or even unexpectedly, into physical or verbal violence, some successful work on anger management is necessary before couple therapy can be useful. If you are in a violent situation, you can call 211 for information about community resources.






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Not all insurance companies cover marital therapy. For those that do, my services are covered on an out-of-network basis. If you wish to submit your receipts for reimbursement, let me know, and I will fill them out with the additional information required.

Like many seasoned therapists, I’ve chosen to no longer work in-network with insurance companies because of the inherent conflict between the goals of the insurance companies and the needs of my clients. If you feel you need to access your benefits using only your co-pay, that is understandable. On the other hand, you might consider that by using your out-of-network benefits instead you still get a significant reduction of your out-of-pocket costs (often half or more) and also access to a more experienced specialist than you will probably find by going in-network. In marital therapy in particular, the expertise of the therapist is a pivotal factor in getting to the heart of the issue, as well as in designing a plan that will get you the lasting results you are seeking.

I welcome you to call 512-659-8600 or email me with any questions you may have.