Thank you for being such an amazing counselor to us. I have stored away all your teachings in my heart and use them daily.


Kathy’s style of counseling helped us express ourselves honestly. We both felt comfortable that she would be fair and not take sides. She taught us to express ourselves and to actively listen to each other by understanding each others’ personal style. She also encouraged us to continue to work for our marriage. Many times in session Kathy helped us to understand how and why we process things the way we do. More importantly, she gave us tools to use outside of the sessions; tools we still use today. Kathy always made me feel authentic and safe. Thank you Kathy; I appreciate you more than you will ever know.


My husband and I went to see Kathy at his request / suggestion at a time when things had deteriorated to an all time low in our relationship. We were both extremely busy, had young kids and life was just hard. As a very private person, I went somewhat reluctantly not really thinking it would help much but knowing that it was the right thing to do. Kathy did everything she could to put us both at ease and was careful to not “take sides”. She asked questions in a non-judgmental way, listened well, and was very easy to talk with. Kathy ultimately helped us recognize and validate that the same differences that were seemingly contributing to our challenges were very much at the heart of what initially brought us together and what we loved about each other and why our relationship actually worked. Both of us view the experience of our sessions with Kathy as a very positive experience in a difficult time in our relationship, and we would highly recommend her to anyone seeking help with their marriage.

H. R.

We came to Kathleen desperate to hold onto our marriage and both doubtful that it was possible. We had already seen another counselor for a couple of years and we were still spinning in the same spot as we were prior to any counseling. In fact, the more time that went by, the worse we were becoming…until we met Kathy. Kathy is an amazing counselor and honestly gave us the tools that saved our marriage. She is able to stay non-judgmental and does not choose sides. She gives each person a voice, equal attention and equal respect. The biggest difference between Kathy and any other counselor we have worked with is that she also gives you tools to help you work through your differences instead of just listening to venting or having a talking session. We both went home with concrete tasks and things to work on that helped us learn to understand each other and communicate better which eventually led to our working through things. Kathy was given a gift to help others and we would recommend her to anyone that finds themselves in need of counseling. Thank you Kathy, for all you have done for us!

M and JT

My experience working with Kathy was very positive. My husband does not really enjoy going to therapy, but Kathy was able to interact with him in a way that made him feel more comfortable. She was easy to talk to and always treated us both fairly. I believe that our communication issues were leading us down a road that could have ended in divorce. After working with Kathy our communication style and relationship has significantly improved.


Kathy has done a great job of helping us recognize that we are not only a man and woman that have been created differently, but we have strong personalities and can strengthen our relationship through intentional dialogue. This is critical for me as a husband in wanting to meet more of my wife’s needs. It helps us with child rearing as well!


Matt and I want to thank you. You have made a world of difference in our marriage. We have overcome barriers that, for a while, seemed insurmountable. We do not expect to require more assistance in the foreseeable future, but I will definitely be giving your contact info to any friends looking for counseling services.

– Christina J.

My (now) husband I began seeing Kathy about two years before we married. We were at a point where, 4 years into a great relationship, we needed help if our relationship was to survive past the honeymoon stage. We needed someone to help us communicate better — to understand and appreciate each other’s divergent means of expression — so that we wouldn’t drift apart and break up. Kathy patiently explained why our needs, and our methods for communicating said needs, were different. She taught us how to communicate so that we both felt heard and understood. Five years married now, I wouldn’t dare say that our relationship is free of contrasting ideas and wants; but, thanks to Kathy, we now possess the right tools to use when issues arise.

Kathy is calm, mindful with words, and incredibly spot-on in assessing a personality trait or the hidden root of a tangled issue. She never takes sides, and will adjust her comfort level to match that of her clients. Kathy’s expertise is obvious as she easily identifies client needs, provides practical methods for improvement, and can recommend external sources for her clients to use to further their learning and growing. Additionally, her office is bright and clean, and she is punctual for all appointments.

– R.S.

I have known my wife since 2001 and we have been married since 2007. There is NO doubt in my mind that Kathy has played a key role in allowing our relationship to grow. We saw Kathy for 4 years, sometimes as often as once per week. I can honestly say it was some of the best time(and money) spent working on one of the most important things life has to offer, a loving marriage. Kathy has a very unique approach to counseling, she understands reality and the realities that challenge couples every day. We addressed a plethora of issues(work, work travel, money, family etc.) that were bogging us down and Kathy was able to provide sound direction that allowed both parties to meet on middle ground. I would be glad to talk with anyone who is considering investing in their marriage and seeing Kathy. Call her and ask for my contact info.

– M.H.

On our end we are doing great. The work we did with you truly helped reinforce the foundation of our relationship by giving us the communication tools and practical insights we needed. We are by no means perfect but every time we find ourselves in a difficult spot I see how we both reach back to the things we learned from you and come out the other end understanding each other.

– M.R.